Solvardis | Water Treatment
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Water Treatment

Inverse Emulsion Polymerization

The production of polyacrylamides in inverse emulsion polymerization processes calls for the use of extremely pure mineral oils. Hydrocarbon fluids need to meet stringent technical requirements, but also meet the most stringent environmental and regulatory requirements.

Solvardis offers clients in the water treatment markets a range of products that are perfectly adapted to their requirements in terms of their boiling range, viscosity and flash point. All products are pure and chemically inert, allowing the most suitable grade to be chosen for each production process.


The Solvardis range

Solvar D 170 Solvar D 200 Solvar D 280
Distillation (°F) 390 – 487 457 – 504 532 – 612
Viscosity mm2/s (40°C) 1.7 2.4 4.1
Flashpoint (°F) 171 217 277
Aromatic content (ppm) <4000 <100 <100
FDA certified Yes