Solvardis | About
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Solvardis is an energetic and motivated business which is committed to serving our customers and suppliers. Our core values are centered on believing in our employees, partners and our stakeholders. The people culture within Solvardis allows for an adaptive relationship with both our clients and our suppliers, enabling us to react quickly to the environment and to the requirements of our business partners.

Solvardis was established to provide a complete service to a small number of focused market segments within domestic USA. We have partnered with major manufacturers to ensure access to the range of products required by our clients. We have chosen to center our principal activity around products that display unequalled levels of cleanliness and purity, as we believe the strategy towards clean, environmentally friendly products is one that all clients in all markets and applications will inevitably result.


The success that Solvardis has enjoyed is testament to our ability to broaden our product portfolio as a function of client needs in our chosen market places. We aim to tailor our products to our clients needs, and to provide clean, environmentally friendly products that exceed our client requirements.

Solvardis is ideally situated within the Houston, Texas petrochemical environment and so can enjoy unparalleled access to a complex and demanding network of both large and small business partners.

We acknowledge that we have a Corporate Social Responsibility, and consider it our key responsibility to consider the safety of our employees, our clients and the environment in all that we do. We at Solvardis believe in a sustainable business practice, and our priority is to ensure a zero impact on the environment in all that we do.