Solvardis | Glues and Adhesives
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Glues and Adhesives

Diluents for solvent based adhesives


Looking for hydrocarbon solvents to act as diluents in your adhesive formulation?

Look no further! Solvardis can offer a range of hydrocarbon solvents that bring the characteristics you need to a variety of glues and adhesives:

  • Polychloroprene: toluene, xylene and special-boiling-point spirits, naphthenic spirits,
  • Polyurethane: toluene, xylene,
  • SBR and natural rubber: special-boiling-point spirits,
  • Acrylics: toluene, xylene

Napthenic Solvents


We are also proud to offer a range of naphthenic fluids with the following characteristics:

  • low toxicity (aromatic content less than 0.01%)
  • excellent stability (resistant at low temperatures, below -40┬░C / -40┬░F)

If you are keen to find a technical alternative to aromatic cuts such as toluene or xylene in glues and adhesives, these products offer you the flexibility that you require.