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Oil and Gas

Drilling Fluids and Frac Fluids

Solvardis is proud to promote aĀ range of drilling and frac fluidsĀ – the ultra low aromatic grades SolvarĀ D 200, Solvar D 230, as well as the low aromatic Solvar D 170Ā for those seeking economic efficiency.

SolvarĀ D 200 and D 230Ā are the perfect choice for operators looking for drilling or frac fluids that are completely pure, andĀ capable of meeting the most stringent environmental, technical and regulator requirements that exist today, and indeed that may exist tomorrow. Solvar D 200 in particular offers excellent pour point characteristics (-58 F)Ā enabling operators to maximise productivity whatever the weather, whilst guaranteeing and safety for both the environment and workers.

Both of these grades are approved and used by many major corporations throughout the world (Europe, Asia, Africa, the Americas, etc.).

The Solvar D 200 and SolvarĀ D 230 products offer many advantages in terms of health, safety and the environment as well as on a technical level


Health and safety advantages

Improved working conditions: odorless, non-irritating for the skin and eyes.

Non carcinogenic.

Product with a high flash point and low vapour pressure.

Non regulated for transport in North America (DoT regulations)

Excellent pour point characteristics

Environmental advantages

Non toxic for aquatic species, meets the requirements of the EPA

100% biodegradable fluids

Benzene, Toluene, Ethylbenzene, Xylene and PAH free

The ultra low aromatic make up of these grades means that in the unlikely event that they came into contact with a water aquifer, the operator can be confident that no health risk to local inhabitants will occur

Technical advantages

High flash point

Excellent rheological performance, including in extreme operating conditions (high or low temperature, high pressure).

Solvar D 200 is perfectly suited to deep-water technical drilling or drilling in cold environments