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Printing inks

One of the core target markets selected by Solvardis is the printing inks market.Ā Our aim is to introduce a complete range of PID’s to ink manufacturers in the USA, we will promote the use of low aromatic grades, enabling our clients to exceed the most stringent requirements of this industry in terms of solvent power, distillation range or compatibility with resins, whilst simultaneously guaranteeing the health and safety of employees, of printers and of end users.

SolvardisĀ range

Our range provides ink manufacturers with a wealth of choice. The various distillates cover all the applications of offset ink and especially heatset and sheet fed inks.

The main characteristics that our low aromatic products display are as follows:

  • very low aromatic content – and zero BTEX content,
  • Completely pure and odorless
  • narrow distillation cuts specifically suited to the formulation of inks and to drying control,
  • good balance between solvency power (resin dissolution) and drying.

The products in theĀ range require no labelling and their composition makes them suitable for indirect food contact.

If you are interested in moving your ink formulations to the next generation, then contact us at Solvardis, we would be delighted to discuss this with you.