Solvardis | Rubber Industry
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Rubber Industry

A range of products developed for the rubber industry


The SolvardisĀ rangeĀ is perfectly adapted to the various needs of compounders and manufacturers in the rubber industry, and is able to offer both a range of naphtha based solvents with very specific boiling range characterics as well as a range of paraffinicĀ hydrocarbon plasticizers.

Solvar AS: Aliphatic Solvents

Solvardis markets the Solvar R range of products to formulators with requiring completely non toxic,Ā ultra low aromatic products. The severe hydrotreating that each of these grades is subjected to guarantees products with a near zero level of aromatics, with a typical value in the range of 10ppm!


Solvar AP: Non-labelled Aromatic Plasticizers

US tire manufacturers and compounders in this market have mainly evolved to the use of naphthenic products as plasticizers. We at SolvardisĀ are able to propose a range of heavy mineral oil products that meet the stringent EU regulations and the REACH requrements.

Products available in the US via Solvardis are as follows:

SOLVAR AP is an MES-type plasticizer (Mild Extract Solvate) meeting the requirements defined by the ETRMA (European Tyre & Rubber Manufacturers’ Association) and is recommended as a technical alternative to DAEs.

SOLVAR AP50 is an RAE (Residual Aromatic Extract) that is extensively used in the formulation of industrial rubbers and in tires.



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